You don’t even need a license to drive the newest Volvo

Volvo makes some of the safest, most technologically impressive vehicles on the road today, so when the company announces a brand new car it's a pretty big deal. In a new video announcement via Facebook, Volvo surprised everyone with the announcement of an all-new one-seater that is not only distinctly Volvo, but also extremely affordable. It's called the Volvo Rider Concept XC Coupe, and it's priced at a jaw-dropping $175. Oh, did I mention it's actually just a toy? No? Well that's because Volvo didn't mention it either.

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Introducing our smallest coupe ever.
Posted by Volvo Cars on Thursday, April 6, 2017

In a masterful bit of trolling, Volvo's announcement makes no mention of the XC Coupe being a plastic car designed for children […]

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