Would you pay $65 a month for cell service from Comcast?

Are you one of the three people in America who's always wanted to get cell service from America's most-hated company? Well, good news: Comcast has taken time out of its busy schedule of customer service, and put together a cellphone division.
Sometime in the "near future," Comcast will launch Xfinity Mobile, a virtual cell company operating on Verizon's towers. Initially, service will only be open to the company's existing customers, so you'll need to have Comcast cable, internet or home phone to qualify.

Details on the plans are scarce for now, but we know that pricing will start at $65 per month for unlimited data. That price can drop as low as $45 per month depending on your cable package, as Comcast seems to intend to bundle the wireless service heavily with its other plans. There's also a pay-as-you-go service for $12 per gigabyte, which thanks to the lack of line access […]

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