This next-gen mesh system will stop your neighbor’s network from ruining your Wi-Fi

When it comes to Wi-Fi, there are so many things that can go wrong and slow down your internet speeds. Most people automatically blame their Internet Service Provider anytime they experience any slowdowns, and sometimes it is a network issue. Believe it or not, however, it’s not always Comcast’s fault. A lot of times interference can play a huge role in slowing down your home Wi-Fi speeds, and that doesn’t just go for people who live in apartments. The good news is that there are next-generation home Wi-Fi systems out there that include intelligent technology that constantly scans for interference and dynamically adjusts your Wi-Fi settings in order to minimize any impact.
Check out the AmpliFi HD, our favorite mesh Wi-Fi system on the market right now. It has incredible range with 25,000 sq ft of coverage, it’s the smartest home system out there, and it’s discounted right now on Amazon.
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