This new bill would legalize weed in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to change the maple leaf at the center of his nation's flag into a pot leaf.  That's not true. Although you could see how it might happen? There's a leaf there already? Anyway, for real, Trudeau's march to legal recreational weed has officially begun.  SEE ALSO: Colorado town caters to the lazy with its first drive-thru pot shop The prime minister revealed legislation on Thursday that would make it legal to recreationally smoke marijuana across Canada. There are roughly one bajillion details to figure out before Canadians will be able to purchase weed and smoke up just like people buy alcohol and drink, but this is where it starts. If successful, Canada and Uruguay would be the only countries to completely legalize recreational pot as a consumer product across their nations. Others have decriminalized it or effectively stopped enforcing laws against it. There's […]

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