This is the thinnest clear case on the planet for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

You're a discerning smartphone buyer.  You want the best, and you got it when you bought a Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone. Google's first "Made by Google" smartphones are two of the most powerful Android phones in the world, and they're also two of the sleekest phones we've ever seen. So, are you really going to take that gorgeous phone and cover it up with an ugly, bulky case?
No, of course you're not. Check out the Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel Case and the Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel XL Case. At just 0.4 inches thick, these are the thinnest clear cases available for Google's phones, and they're on sale right now on Amazon.
Here are a few key details from the product page:

Minimal design is perfect for flaunting your new Google Pixel
Clear TPU keeps your phone scratch-free and lightweight
Includes a beveled opening for easy fingerprint scans
Flexibility provides easy application […]

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