Tesla wants everyone to know: The Model 3 won’t be more advanced than the Model S

With Tesla poised to begin Model 3 production in just about three months, the company in recent weeks has taken steps to temper unreasonably high expectations surrounding its $35,000 EV designed for the masses. Arguably fueled by Elon Musk's coy remarks about mysterious "reveals" in the future, the speculation surrounding Tesla's Model 3 in recent months was on the verge of spiraling out of control. In a general sense, many people began to assume that the Model 3 would introduce features and technology far more advanced than what is currently available on the company's flagship Model 3.

Bringing those expectations back down to earth, Elon Musk about two weeks ago indicated the opposite is true, noting via Twitter that the Model 3 is simply a smaller and more affordable version of the Model S with "less range & power & fewer features." For example, the Model 3 dashboard will not incorporate […]

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