Scientists need your help to find the mysterious planet they suspect is lurking in our solar system

Calling all space fans: Astronomers want you to help them hunt for a large planet that might be lurking on the outskirts of our solar system. Scientists working with a number of institutions have created a website filled with data that will allow people to hunt for previously undiscovered objects circling the sun from beyond Neptune's orbit. SEE ALSO: Scientists want you to help them find planets in this database of stars The website, called Backyard Worlds: Planet 9, asks people to look through flipbooks of images to try to find "failed stars," known as brown dwarfs, or even the elusive "Planet 9" — a theoretical planet thought to circle the sun from the reaches of the solar system. Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 should help add to the automated searches for these objects already underway.  “Automated searches don’t work well in some regions of the […]

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