‘No Man’s Sky’: from a humble shed to a new gigantic universe

Hot on the heels of smartphone game "Pokemon Go"'s runaway success, "No Man's Sky" has captured the imagination of gaming fans for creating a video game universe so expansive that no player could possibly discover its reaches in a lifetime. Video games website GamesRadar called it "perhaps one of the most anticipated games ever made" while Britain's Independent newspaper said: "It's that huge world and stunning concept that has made the game so famous, and led to perhaps the most hype ever generated for a game and appearances on American TV shows." The Guardian newspaper said: "Judging by its opening hours at least, it is a big, bold and bewildering experience". "No Man's Sky", which was built for the PC or Playstation 4 by videogame maker Hello Games, was released in North America on Tuesday and in Britain on Wednesday.

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