Many Brits seek digital ‘detox’ from average 25 hours per week online

One third of Britons have undertaken a "digital detox" by ditching their smartphones and tablets to wean themselves off online addiction and to do more in the real world with friends and family, communications industries regulator Ofcom said. Some 15 million adults had sought temporary respite from the internet, Ofcom said, as adults spent an average of 25 hours online each week, rising to 29 hours for those aged 16-24 and 26 hours for teens. "So millions of us are taking a fresh look at the role of technology in our lives, and going on a digital detox to get a better tech-life balance." Ofcom's survey of 2,025 adults and 500 teenagers for its annual Communications Market Report found that going offline for a period made one third of people more productive, while a quarter enjoyed life more.

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