Man’s plan to bomb Target stores to buy cheap stock totally backfires

Get rich schemes come in all shapes in sizes, but leave it to the always creative "Florida Man" to come up with perhaps the worst money-making scheme in the history of mankind. Mark Charles Barnett is currently in custody and facing up to ten years in prison after planning to blow up several Target retail stores along the East Coast in an attempt to get the company's stock to dip, allowing him an opportunity to grab shares at a reduced cost. Needless to say, things didn't exactly work out as Barnett planned.

Barnett built explosive devices into random food boxes, which he intended to be placed at Target stores between Florida and New York. When the bombs detonated, Barnett assumed that the resulting news would cause Target's stock to take a dive, at which point he would load up on the stock and make a hefty pile of profit when the […]

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