Google’s future plans for Android might be truly exciting

Imagine an Android operating system of the future that would work seamlessly across devices, offering similar experiences across screens and realities. Imagine an Android operating system that would receive regular updates just like the iPhone does. Google might be working on something like that. Only it’s not going to be Android. Android will be a part of that.
A few months ago, word got out that Google is developing an Andromeda operating system for laptops, which would combine the best of its two worlds, including Android and Chrome OS. Google was even supposed to announce Andromeda, but that never happened.
The project, however, was not canned, and it’s still in development. Google isn’t even trying to hide it, although you have to pay close attention to find traces of it out in the wild. That’s what Daniel Matte did, explaining what Andromeda — or Fuchsia, as it might be called now — […]

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