Google under investigation for possibly hindering Samsung’s Tizen development

As the recent smartphone market share report made absolutely clear, Android is far and away the most popular operating system in the world. Google would most certainly like to keep it that way, but did the company strong arm Samsung into slowing development of its own mobile OS, Tizen, in order to prevent unwanted competition? South Korea's Fair Trade Commission is going to look into exactly that.

As The Korea Times reports, South Korea's FTC wants to determine whether or not the agreements signed by both Samsung and Google regarding Android and smartphone software development crossed the line. "We are currently checking if Google thwarted competition in the OS market," an FTC official reportedly said.
Way back in 2011, both Samsung and Google signed a Mobile Application Distribution Agreement which essentially forced Samsung to make Google's first party apps like Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube standard on all Android devices, and also […]

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