Exclusive: UK banks ordered to review cyber security after SWIFT heist

By Andrew MacAskill and Jim Finkle LONDON (Reuters) – The Bank of England ordered UK banks to detail steps taken to secure computers connected to the SWIFT bank messaging network about two months after a still-unidentified group used the system to steal $81 million from Bank Bangladesh, according to three people familiar with the effort. The central bank sent the request to update cyber security measures to all banks it regulates in mid-to-late April, according to these people, who were not authorized to discuss the confidential communications. The previously unreported action marks the earliest known case of a¬†central bank in a major economy to order its member banks to conduct a formal security review in response to the Bangladesh theft, which has shaken the global system for transferring money among both commercial and central banks.¬† The Bank of England, one of the G10 central banks that oversee Brussels-based SWIFT, said […]

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