Amazon’s 20% off smart device sale lets you control everything in your home with Alexa

A few year ago, every electronics company out there dove head-first into the smart home game, which analysts said was going to be the next big thing. Yeah… not so much. But then, something exciting happened — and its name is Alexa. Amazon's virtual personal assistant burst onto the scene and gave all of these smart home devices a common interface that was easy to use. Now, people can't live without their smart home gadgets.
Of course, there are still plenty of devices in your home that aren't smart and that don't work with Alexa, but that's where TP-Link's Alexa-enabled lineup comes in. And today, Amazon is hosting a big sale that knocks 20% off the price of all the company's top gear, including the TP-Link Smart Plug Mini that everyone loves so much.
Just use the coupon code 20SMARTHOME at checkout to save 20% on each of the devices you see […]

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