Amazon’s AWS storage crashed in the middle of an AWSome conference

Amazon loves to talk about how great its products and services are – just like any other massive company — so the fact that it holds frequent conferences celebrating and educating people about Amazon Web Services (AWS) isn't particularly odd. But for one of those events to land on the exact same day that AWS's storage services bites the dust and takes a huge chunk of the internet down with it? Now that's some serious bad luck.

Amazon's AWSome Day conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, started like any other, with speakers and tutorials and lots and lots of bragging about how extremely reliable and sturdy Amazon's internet services are. Then, as though AWS had made a deal with the devil and beelzebub had finally returned to claim its life, everything fell apart. AWS's Simple Storage Service (S3) bit the dust, sending countless sites into endless reloads and blank pages, and as of […]

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